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Váltás magyar nyelvre


Kéjlak comic

The big day of your life is approaching, when you say your vows to the the love of your life. Before all this you will have a crazy night organized by your friends to celebrate your last free night. The schedule is ready, exciting challenges, surprise places and of course a lot of alcohol awaits you. You end the night at a special hotel suit filled with eroticism. The party must have went great as the next day you can't remember a thing. Waking up in this strange red hotel room you soon realize that something is missing. You lost your engagement ring! The fun starts now, as your whole party goes on a crazy search in yesterdays memories to find the missing jewelry. Will you succeed?

Cathouse reservation

Online reservation is not avaible for this room. If you are interested in avaible times write us at

Team building:

We offer team building games for companies in our games. We can welcome up to 26 persons for one time slot, in four differently themed rooms. Larger groups can play

after each other, in this case we can alter our time schedule. If you have any additional requests or questions please contact us.


Bachelor and Bachelorette parties:

Our cathouse game is specially designed for these events, as the story takes place on the morning after your bachelor or bachelorette party. 


With franchise or other bussines opportunities please contact us via email.

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