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Bonnie and Clyde

Bonnie & Clyde comic

A reliable source tips you off that tonight the Hunter couple won't be at their mansion and even the staff has the day off. Taking advantage of the opportunity, you will have the possibility to steal the most valuable piece of Hunter's collection, the Matthias Chalice, which is held under heavy security by the antiquities dealer. But it is not going to be a simple burglary, an unexpected safety equipment stands in your way right at the start.

You will need all your skills and knowledge to get what you came for. In the world of thieves things rarely go as planned. While you loot the mansion it turns out that the stakes are much higher than you thought. Money can easily turn a friend a foe. Will you succeed in spite of everything, and get away with the big score or you get tangled in the web of others plans?


Prices, discountsGroup sizePrice
Full price per game 3-6 persons 14.000 HUF
Student price (one student card/team is enough) 3-6 persons 7.700 HUF
 2 person game  2 persons  5.900 HUF

Team building:

We offer team building games for companies in our games. We can welcome up to 26 persons for one time slot, in four differently themed rooms. Larger groups can play

after each other, in this case we can alter our time schedule. If you have any additional requests or questions please contact us.


Bachelor and Bachelorette parties:

Our cathouse game is specially designed for these events, as the story takes place on the morning after your bachelor or bachelorette party. 


Special events:

Surprise your friends with gift cards to one of our games . Gift cards can be bought personaly at the place of the game. You can make the occasion more special by hiding

other gifts at the elements of the game or even hide a surprise guest in the room. In any of these cases always call us

before the game, or before you come for the gift card.

With franchise or other bussines opportunities please contact us via email.

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